loose waist fat

Today I am going to share a 100% natural treatment, you have to use this remedy for 10 days, then take a gap of 7 days and again use this remedy for next 10 days. Within a month you can see drastic change in your stomach fat yourself Let me quickly share how can you prepare this at home You

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Apple Cider Vinegar for Dandruff

Most of the adults suffer from the hair fall issue due to dandruff. Actually, dandruff is a chronic skin condition which affects the scalp. The suffering person often gets dry, flaky and itchy scalp. This condition may affect the scalp throughout the year but it worsens during fall and winter. There are many OTC drugs available in the market that

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Is Oil Pulling An Effective Remedy For Acne?

How Does Oil Pulling Work? Oil pulling is the technique of swishi How Does Oil Pulling Help Treat Acne? Bacteria and other harmful toxins get pulled out in the oil pulling process, keeping the other parts of your body free from them. This helps immensely in clearing up acne. Acne is believed to be caused partially due to problems with

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